About Us

Who We Are

Muscle Factory is a locally owned and operated one stop shop for Fort Mill’s supplemental and nutritional needs.

Whether you’re bodybuilding, or just building your body, the Muscle Factory is there with you, for every rep. Being a locally owned supplement store, we can provide competitive pricing and a community feel.
Being bigger isn’t always better!



William Caldwell

The Owner

Fort Mill Native
Experience: 10+ years

I’ve been a workout enthusiast for well over a decade. What started at GNC during the days of college became a deeply rooted interest in supplementation sciences. This fascination with the interconnectivity between our performance and our nutrition led me on a journey that lasted well over a decade, and brought me to opening my first location in my small town: Fort Mill, South Carolina.

Kayla Hall

General Manager

Experience: 5+ years

Known as piece. Just Piece. Enough Said

If you have questions we are here +1 803-802-0737