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Product Spotlight - Bucked Up Pre Workout

Mike Basi |

Bucked Up Pre Workout - lets take a minute and talk about the Pre workout and the brand which has not only put the industry on notice over the last few years. But has started to change the industry entirely with their simple vision. DAS Labs the company behind bucked up, keeps everything very clean. They offer great products with clean labels, without proprietary blends and all the other jazz. +

Bucked Up Pre Workout Ingredients - nothing crazy is here folks. No crazy exotic stims, no banner ingredients or those under the microscope by the FDA. The team behind this only used premium tailored ingredients helping them achieve whatever goal they thought may be feasible. +

Are Energy Drinks the same as the Powdered Pre Workout?

This is a great question. And a complicated one. Lets start off with the basics, that regardless of what anyone says energy drinks do not give you everything a powdered pre workout may give you. Solely because the size of the can, the ingredients, how the ingredients sit together and if they can work through the liquid suspension process. +

A pre workout supplement that is for the masses containing all the right essential ingredients as well as deer antler velvet extract which Bucked Up has become known for. This has the perfect amount of Caffeine Anhydrous which will deliver the perfect amount of and increase energy for the workout. This pre workout powder is something you do not have to worry about when it comes to flavors because flavors are available in the masses as Bucked Up is not shy about releasing a new flavor. +

This unique approach of innovation and constantly staying up-to-date with flavoring and such. Has led to this DAS Labs products being one of the most popular Bucked Up products in the world. This is a much different products opposed to its counterparts BAMF and WOKE AF. +

Generally speaking you want to take your pre workout supplement 15-30 minutes before your actual workout or physical activity. +

Some of the Ingredients Included in Bucked Up Pre Workout

  • Citrulline Malate 2:1 - this is very common in pre workouts. In fact it is very hard to see or find a pre workout on the market today without a form of Citrulline and or Citrulline Malate. In this specific blend there is 2 citrulline for every portion of malic acid. This is what delivers you the godly feeling in the gym, the vasodilation, the pumps and the Arnold look in the mirrors. +[1]
  • Beta-Alanine - not everyones favorite. Personally we have a huge love and hate relationship with Beta Alanine, unfortunately the basis of what it does cannot be argued. But its the tingles it brings with it which are not for everyone. The tingles are a type of reaction some people have to taking Beta Alanine. It is pretty much harmless but it does make you feel uncomfortable for a period of time. The range of benefits for this non-essential amino acid are but not limited to: increase strength and gains, supports peak physical performance, and helps increase ones endurance. +
  • Caffeine Anhydrous - no surprise here that this is in Bucked Up Pre Workout there are not a lot of stim pre-workouts that do not have caffeine or caffeine anhydrous. This is a dry form of caffeine as anhydrous literally means without water, thus being powdered caffeine. +
  • AlphaSize GPC - AlphaSize® from Chemi Nutra is recognized as one of the most effective brain nutrients in the world. It improves muscular power output, sharpens agility, and delays fatigue in sports medicine and nutrition programs. It is often used to support memory.This is due to its ability to activate and contract muscle fibers (as well as mental acuity). In addition to supporting brain metabolism, AlphaSize® also promotes the release of acetylcholine, the body's primary neurotransmitter chemical. +
  • Taurine - When taurine was ingested prior to or during exercise, subjects had better endurance and performance. Carnitine initiates fat metabolism, delivering fat to fuel centers where it is used as energy. It also diminishes the damaging effects of excess fat, insulin, and glucose. +
  • + More

Bucked Up Pre Workout Reviews

We can speak directly about this Pre Workout because we have sold it in our store located in Fort Mill, South Carolina since this product became available on the market. After first to us it seems like a more expense option for C4. But lets clear that up C4 is probably the best selling pre workout or sports supplement ever created. Comparing things to C4 are simply pointless.  +

That being said Bucked Up has a category of its own. Its a solid entry level pre workout for people looking at getting that extra kick in the gym. And have not been exposed to major gas or exotic stims being sold all over the internet. This has 200mg of Caffeine Anhydrous which if you ask some is the perfect amount it is comparable to that of two cups of coffee.  +

So it will not make you go to the moon but will give you that extra kick you need to get going.  +

As far as flavoring goes, DAS Labs always hits it out of the park with their flavors. This pre workout is available in the following flavors both online and in-store at Muscle Factory SC.  +

Flavors Available

  • Blood Raz
  • Blue Raz
  • Blue Raz Lemonade
  • Breezy Blast (Pineapple-Cranberry-Rum Cocktail)
  • Grape
  • Gyn N Juice (Citrus Blend)
  • Killa OJ
  • Miami (Strawberry-Mango-Pineapple)
  • Rocket Pop (Blue Raz-Lime-Cherry)
  • Rum Punch (Rum/Orange/Pineapple/Grenadine)
  • Sour Gummy
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Strawberry Watermelon
  • Swole Whip (Pineapple-Mango-Vanilla)
  • Watermelon Lemonade
  • Carmel Apple
  • Watermelon

We know what you are thinking. We thought the same thing, where to begin with this many flavors? The funny thing is this isn't even all of them. Bucked Up is known for coming out with seasonal flavors as well. +

Other Products Comparable to Bucked Up Pre Workout

  • BZRK Pre-Workout by Black Magic Supply - the only downside about this exceptionally built pre-workout is that it has a proprietary blend. And doesn't disclose the extact dosages of everything they use.  +
  • Chemix Pre-Workout by the Guerilla Chemist - sold pre-workout, not a complex formula. But again like BZRK this Pre-Workout has a proprietary blend something which is probably not needed in 2022. But some companies make it work. Chemix is an awesome entry level pre-workout.  +
  • Fierce Pre-Workout by Panda Supplements - you might be thinking that this is more of a mid tier pre-workout. But this is awesome regardless and the 300mg of caffeine isn't a huge increase from the bucked up pre workout. But this also has a bit of thermogenic ingredients in the panel. +

Potential pre-workout side effects and how to reduce them

Let's just get this out of the way. At the end of the day it does not matter what you are using, if you are digesting anything. You should always do so in moderation, especially with those pre-workouts or sports supplement sports which have proprietary formulas which do not break down the exact dosages.

How to reduce side effects

  • Start with half the recommended dose because every single body type and every single persons tolerance is different.
  • Try to take any energy related product earlier on in the day. This will help you fall asleep, this will help you not mess with your sleep schedule or just daily schedule in general.
  • Do not just take a pre workout drink to take it. You should never take a pre workout if you have no intention of actually working out or doing any type of physical activity. Generally speaking these products are made to create a chemical reaction within your body which allows you to excel at certain things for short periods of time. These products are not meant to take and go to take a nap after 15 minutes.

Final Verdict on Bucked Up Pre Workout

Listen regardless of what people say this is a great entry level pre workout. This is something that a person may want to take if they don't want to break the bank everyday by spending 10$ on energy drinks. This is the perfect little product to kick you in the behind to get you going.

Some of the flavors which are included in this pre workout are much more classic than the rest. DAS Labs definitely is not shy about trying various flavor panels. But a majority of the flavors are all solid even though they come up with unique names like Gyn N Juice, and Swole Whip.

The pump is great, the beta alanine is the perfect amount it is under the clinical recommended dosage of 3200mg but I am one of those people who feel that the 2000mg is the perfect amount because we hate the tingles. But if this isn't enough for you Bucked Up has other options with higher doses. Or you can check out some of these stand alone Beta-Alanine products.

Deer Antler Velvet is something that is very interesting. Its an ingredient which has been very subjective. Doesn't have a tremendous amount of research but the stuff that is out there indicates that this ingredient helps: support improvements of immunity, strengthen bones, and helps with tissue damage.

This is a great little pre workout and to save 10% off your first order of it please use coupon code bucked10. This will save you a total of 10% off bucked up pre workout at checkout, so make sure you checkout the rest of the stuff we have in our shop.


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