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CONTRA 2.0 LEAN MUSCLE - In addition to supporting not only the increase of testosterone, CONTRA® also possesses natural estrogen balancing properties to help you maintain all your hard-earned gains! In addition to supporting hard, lean, dry muscle gains, CONTRA® 2.0 LEAN MUSCLE possesses natural estrogen balancing properties as well. +

Lean Muscle Builder

Contra Key Benefits

  • Density +
  • Muscle +
  • Stamina +
  • Strength +

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Ingredients Panel

  • ASHWAGANDHA (AS KSM-66®): The Ayurvedic adaptogen KSM-66® is Ashwagandha. Enhance memory and cognitive function. Improve endurance, strength, muscle size, and muscle recovery. Reduce stress. +[1,2,3]
  • 10:1 BRASSAIOPSIS GLOMERULATA: There are certain compounds in Brassaiopsis glomerulata that may inhibit the aromatase enzyme in Vietnam. +[4,5]
  • 3,3'-DIINDOYLYLMETHANE (DIM): DIM is the main active metabolite of indole-3-carbinol, which is found in many cruciferous vegetables including brussel sprouts, turnips, kale and cabbage. Typical doses of DIM are between 100-300mg daily. +[6,7]
  • N-COURMAROYLDOPAMINE: N-coumaroyldopamine is a naturally occurring beta-2 adrenergic receptor agonist that is extracted from Theobroma cacao seems to have an effect in the 20-40mg/d range. +[8,9,10]
  • PIPERINE (BLACK PEPPER EXTRACT): Derived from peppercorns from Piper Nigrum Plants, Bioperine® is a patented extract that is used as a bioavailability enhancer of numerous nutrients via stimulation of the digestive tract. On top of its noted benefits Piperine may also have an indirect function to support thermogenesis. +[11]

NOTE: Contra is meant to be taken for up to 8-12 weeks before cycling off. For maximal benefits, Contra may be stacked with Mania. 

Supplement Facts

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