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AREZ Titanium Pre-Workout by MHN

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AREZ Titanium Pre-Workout by MHN

AREZ Titanium Pre-Workout by MHN - The legend has returned...

For how long we do not know, come get the magic while it lasts.

Arez is one of those Pre-Workouts that rings every bell (and barbell). Therefore, ever placed on Mount Olympus when it comes to Pre-Workout.

This myth of it's supreme god-like energy has even spread amongst the hardcore mortals of the long-lost planet Earth, and has gained status amongst its elite.

As a result of years of evolution and chaos, AREZ TITANium has become synonymous with POWER.

It grants its beholder motivation beyond the grasp of the human mind, as well as a pump big enough to save the world from the Dark Ages.

arez pre by mhn at mfsc

AREZ Titanium Pre-Workout by MHN - Quick Highlights:

  • Focus like a superhuman
  • God-Like Energy
  • Mind Blowing Pumps
  • Unbelievable Flavor

In the Engine:

  • L-Citrulline: Citrulline is a nonessential amino acid found in watermelons and other melons. Through the arginine-nitric oxide pathway, it serves as an endogenous (naturally occurring) precursor to arginine, which then enhances nitric oxide synthesis. How does this make sense? 
  • Beta Alanine: In theory, Beta Alanine is a non-essential beta-amino acid, but its role in athletic performance is anything but non-essential. You will feel an addictive "sting" when it kicks in, and you will be able to persevere when you would normally give up.
  • Agmatine Sulfate: The L-Arginine byproduct Agmatine Sulfate has been shown to improve muscle pumps, transport nutrients, and increase blood flow. 
  • Synephrine HCL is found in the fruit of the Citrus aurantium plant. It is one of the fruit's main active compounds, and it offers a variety of benefits! The benefits include increased metabolism, increased caloric expenditure, an increase in energy levels, and fat loss! Similar to caffeine, it works as a stimulant, though with stronger appetite-suppressing properties, and a stronger rush of energy. Synephrine increases the stimulant profile of ANY Pre-Workout that contains it.


What does the GOAT say?


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