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TURKABOLEN - MASS AGENT - Introducing the revolutionary product, AfterDark Turkabolen XR, now available at Muscle Factory SC. Designed by AfterDark Supplements, this cutting-edge supplement is poised to transform your fitness journey.

Unlock your true potential and experience remarkable results with Turkabolen XR, carefully formulated to elevate your muscle-building efforts and optimize your performance.

One of the key highlights of Turkabolen XR is its ability to increase lean muscle mass. Powered by turkesterone, a potent natural anabolic compound, this supplement supports the growth and development of lean muscle tissue, allowing you to sculpt a more impressive physique.

With regular use, you can witness substantial gains in muscle size and strength, enabling you to reach new heights in your training.

Product Highlights

  • Increase lean muscle mass: Enhance your muscle-building journey with a supplement that supports the growth and development of lean muscle tissue, helping you achieve a more sculpted physique.
  • Increased strength: Boost your strength levels and surpass your athletic limitations by incorporating this powerful supplement into your routine.
  • Increased protein synthesis: Maximize the utilization of dietary protein and promote muscle growth and recovery with this supplement's ability to stimulate protein synthesis.
  • Fat loss: Support your weight loss goals by promoting lean muscle development, boosting metabolism, and facilitating efficient calorie burning.
  • Endurance: Improve your endurance levels, push through challenging workouts, and extend your performance threshold for more effective and longer training sessions.

In addition to promoting muscle growth, Turkabolen XR also enhances strength. By harnessing the power of turkesterone, this supplement provides a boost to your overall strength levels, allowing you to push past your previous limitations and achieve greater feats of athleticism. With increased strength, you can conquer your workouts and dominate your training sessions with ease.

Another significant benefit of Turkabolen XR is its ability to stimulate protein synthesis. By enhancing the body's protein synthesis process, this supplement facilitates the efficient utilization of dietary protein, ensuring that the nutrients you consume are effectively converted into muscle tissue. This optimized protein synthesis not only aids in muscle growth but also assists in muscle recovery, helping you bounce back stronger after intense workouts.

Moreover, Turkabolen XR aids in fat loss, making it an excellent addition to your cutting phase. As it promotes lean muscle development, this supplement contributes to an accelerated metabolism, enabling your body to burn calories more efficiently. By incorporating Turkabolen XR into your weight loss regimen, you can sculpt a leaner physique and achieve your desired body composition.

Furthermore, Turkabolen XR enhances endurance, allowing you to push through challenging workouts and extend your performance threshold. With improved endurance, you can train harder and longer, maximizing your training sessions and achieving optimal results.

AfterDark Turkabolen XR incorporates an extended release formula, ensuring optimal absorption and utilization of its powerful ingredients. This innovative delivery system allows your body to effectively absorb the supplement, maximizing its benefits and enhancing your overall performance.

Rest assured, AfterDark Turkabolen XR is a safe and legal supplement. Crafted with natural ingredients that have been clinically proven to be effective, this product adheres to the highest quality standards, providing you with a reliable and trustworthy option to support your fitness goals.

Take your fitness journey to the next level with AfterDark Turkabolen XR. With its scientifically formulated blend of ingredients, this supplement offers unparalleled support for muscle growth, strength enhancement, protein synthesis, fat loss, and endurance. Empower yourself with the power of turkesterone and witness remarkable transformations in your physique and performance.


Turkesterone: A review of its effects on muscle mass and strength - Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, 2020.

Efficacy and safety of natural anabolic substances for muscle growth - Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care, 2019.

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