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Best Fat Burners of 2021

Best Fat Burners of 2021 - MUSCLE FACTORY

William Caldwell |

Best Fat Burners of 2021

The Best Fat Burners of 2021? Today we tracked down all the TOP FAT Burners on the web. From the strongest out there, to your typical one a day with no crash! Fat burners have been used for many years. It’s a saturated market for sure. That is why these stood out to us. We hand-picked these 6 all for different reasons. Hopefully this helps you choose which may be right for you.

RED SKY – Chaos & Pain

It doesn’t get any better than this. RED SKY is in my opinion the BEST on the market. First and foremost, this product is strong. By strong I mean VERY STRONG. It comes as a 3-pill serving with 90 pills total. Even for the seasoned stim junkie we do not recommend anyone takin 3 at one time. Most consumers agree just 1 is still a hell of a ride. With that being said, this product typically last much longer than the 30 serving (30 days) listed on the label making it very cost effective and worth every dollar spent! It is a Thermogenic which means it is amp-ing up the body to burn the fat not just suppress your hunger.

Another great reason is they are Quick Release, so nice for those that need that extra boost to get your day started. Chaos & Pain has really shined with this product. The ingredients work synergistically together, making it the ultimate Fat Burner. In addition, it can be stacked with other Chaos and Pain products such as their Non-stimulant Cannibal Carnage. **Please use product with CAUTION, very short but provides amazing results**

Chaos and Pain Fat Burners

DEMONIO – ASC Supplements

This is new one for us. Demonio comes with options for a 2-pill or 4-pill serving. Has some great ingredients that are widely known to come with impressive results. Black Pepper, Yohimbine and Garcinia Cambogia Extract to name a few.  The blend of ingredients provides an overall mood balance, which is great because being on a diet certainly gets most of us cranky. No need to starve yourself on this one, it has extracts that help with appetite suppression.

ASC Supplements Fat Burners


Another gold winner in our books. This product includes a variety of interesting ingredients. Starting with Grapefruit powder. Who would have thought that Grapefruit reduces the formation of NEW fat cells! Secondly, Bioperine which has been known to increase body temperature therefore increases the rate at which you burn fat, as well as helps improve absorption. Thank you, because no one likes to waste their hard-earned cash on products that don’t produce results. Green, White and Black Tea Extract have been known to support Cognitive Function. I think we all can appreciate that in this busy world.

As well as appetite control, for all those who may have trouble deciphering if they are hungry or just bored. Cannibal Inferno is a great option for those who think the Red Sky is too strong for them. A modest yet highly effective blend of stimulants is what makes this product top our list.

Chaos and Pain Fat Burners

SYNEDREX- Metabolic Nutrition

This might be your typical One-A-Day but has many great qualities. Metabolic Nutrition included 300mg of Caffeine which isn’t anything to crazy. Like drinking an Energy Drink. What’s great about Synedrex is there is no CRASH! You don’t want to spend money on something that you finish your day feeling awful. Another great thing about Synedrex is it helps stabilize your Blood Sugar Levels by controlling where those carbohydrates go.

In addition to that it also sends those “Sweet Cravings” to the curb. Helping your weight loss journey that much easier.

Metabolic Nutrition Fat Burners

LIPODRENE – Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Lipodrene has been a staple in the industry for quite some time now. This product has been continuously sold for over 15 years!  So that intrigued me to further study this product. Hi-Tech must be doing something right. It focuses on those target stubborn areas. In addition to coming in a 100-count bottle, it’s easy on the Caffeine content sitting at 100mg! Enough to get you going but not over the top.

It’s unique blend of Nootropics and Mood enhancers paired with the caffeine is the foundation of its reputation. There are a few different versions that come in red, black, or yellow pills. The clear-cut champ has always been the yellow version as discussed here.

Hi-Tech Pharamceuticals Fat Burners

LEANADRENE – New Dimension

Leanadrene is a great product as well for its own reason. For one it can be used by men and women. Secondly, it is affordable. No one wants to break the bank trying to fit into those old jeans. It has patent ingredients that help increase Thermogenesis. With Garcinia Cambogia to help tame those ravenous cravings, your appetite should be controlled easily. The main source of energy comes from a modest yet effective dose of caffeine that’s paired with other highly sought-after stimulants.

The company New Dimension has released a Pre-Workout and a Pump product, both of which make for a nice stack with the Leanadrene.

New Dimension Supplements Fat Burners


Best Fat Burners of 2021.

If you cannot find what you are looking for on Muscle Factory SC please visit our sister website Nutratopia Health.


**Please note brands may carry other Fat Burners – we have only listed additional fat burners by these brands based on what we carry from the brand.

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