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1’3 Volt by Static Labz

This is not for the light of heart. Meant to break barriers and boost performance to an all time level. The absolute right amount of Beta Alanine to give you just the perfect amount of tingles.

  • Beta Alanine (6.4g)aids in the production of carnosine
  • Citrulline Malate 2:1 (3.6g) – Promote healthier blood cells and lower blood pressure
  • Betaine Anhydrous (2.5g) –  is a compound that the body uses to break down harmful substances.
  • L-Taurine (1g) – improved sports performance.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (400mg) – the sauce.
  • Alpha GPC (300mg) – choline-containing supplement.
  • Noopept (30mg) – Nootropic Molecule.

1’3 Volt By Static Labz Rundown

1’3 Volt is a fairly new Pre-Workout Supplement which has been around for a little while. Some have labelled it the Dark Energy Killer, but the two remain ultra popular and different pre-workouts.  Volt is great for energy, focus and definitely mood elevation. Volt is most definitely the thing you take that as soon as it kicks in you want to go set records in the gym.

The one thing with Volt is people have stated they are able to sustain the energy a bit longer than if they were using Dark Energy. The Noopept and Alpha GPC with DMAA deliver the ultimate punch of energy, motivation and focus. The combination seems to work just right and checks all the boxes.

1’3 Volt is not a dietary supplement. It is intended for lab use only. It is not intended or recommended for human consumption.


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Weight 16 oz

Electric Pop, Electric Green, Electric Red, Electric Purple, Electric Island

4 reviews for 1’3 Volt by Static Labz

  1. Thomas

    This shit kicks like a mule! 10/10 would recommend

  2. Ryan

    I’ve tried tons of Pre workouts over the years and they just keep getting better! Volt kicked in about 40 min after taking which is longer than some. But that was perfect because I usually spend the first 30 min stretching and warming up. The focus and energy this delivers lasts for a while! Again this was perfect because I usually get fatigue towards the end of my workout and I was able to push through and finish strong. I didn’t experience any crashing or loss of good mood after workout, which is another plus! Definitely recommend this product.

  3. Sean

    Volt has been awesome! I definitely recommend this to someone who is in the market for a pre workout that provides optimal results. It gives me the energy needed to workout after a long day behind a computer, and my pumps have been full and consistent.

  4. Shareef P.

    I thought the beta alanine was a typo on the ingredients label ….NOOOPE! Man this stuff will light you up ! 6.4grams of firepower

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