BAMF and Cannibal Permaswole


DAS Labs delivers a super high stim dose to get you going. It is always nice to change it up so your body does not become super used to it. So taking a pump product with and/or every other day will mix up your schedule enough…

BAMF High Stimulant Nootropic Pre-Workout

BAMF High Stimulant Nootropic Pre Workout by DAS Labs - Using three nootropics shown to positive impacts on cognitive function and motivation, BAMF is both your brain’s geek squad and task manager. Hordenine for prescription level focus, AlphaSize for mental sharpness, and Huperzine-A accelerates memory recall.

Cannibal Permaswole Preworkout (Non-Stim)

Cannibal Permaswole by Chaos and Pain - your ultimate hard hitting non-stim pump product. Clean transparent label that works! Like the great Arnold once said, having a huge pump is damn near orgasmic.

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BAMF and Cannibal Permaswole

BAMF by DAS Labs

Highlights of BAMF

  • Zero Sugar
  • Keto/Paleo Friendly
  • Zero Calorie
  • Creatine Free

BAMF High Stimulant Nootropic Ingredients

  • Caffeine: Increased to 333mg for you stim junkies out there
  • Citrulline: 6g for maximized blood flow (PUMP)
  • AstraGin: Clinically shown to increase citrulline absorption
  • Beta-Alanine: 3.2g for all the endurance, stamina, and tingles Actigin: Increased VO2 max, and athletic performance
  • AlphaSize GPC: Clinically shown to sharpen mental focus
  • Hordenine: A plant based compound that has been shown to have a: nootropic increase, physical performance increase, but a fat burning increase as well. An underground metabolism and mental booster not just touted in body building communities, but has seen an increase in popularity in gaming and silicon valley for: increased attention span, calorie burning, mood, and productivity. The primary driving mechanism being the link between hordenine and the protection and release of norepinephrine, which in turn stimulates your central nervous system leading to countless benefits.*
  • Huperzine A: A plant based alkaloid extract that has been shown to prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine, a key component of brain function. Not only does it prevent acetylcholine breakdown, but has been shown to increase levels for up to 6 hours post consumption. Huperzine A has also been shown to increase memory retention, and even prevent neuron death from toxicity

Cannibal Permaswole

Highlights of Permaswole

  • Stim Free
  • Delivers The Pump
  • Nutrient Delivery
  • Improved Blood Flow
  • +Much More

Cannibal Permaswole Ingredients

  • L-Citrulline– six massive grams of L-Citruline form the backbone of this formula.  L-Citrulline converts to L-Arginine in the liver and provides better pumps and fullness than L-Arginine itself.
  • Betaine Anhydrous– two grams of betaine anhydrous, the active ingredient in beet roots, increases energy, power output, and improves blood flow.
  • GlycerPump ™ (Std. 65% Glycerol)- the combination of glycerol and water inside the body means one thing- massive cell volumization.  At two grams per scoop of Permaswole, there’s enough Glycerol to ensure that once you’ve hydrated thoroughly, you’re going to retain that water within the muscle for more size and strength.
  • Nitrosigine ™ (Inositol-Stabilized Arginine Silicate)- You can never have too much Arginine in your system, so we dropped a gram of it into Permaswole to back up the six grams of Citrulline already in there.
  • Astragin ™ (Astragulus membranaceus & Panax notoginseng) Root Extract– You might not have ever heard of this bad little mamma-jamma of an ingredient, but you should have.  Astragin ™ Increases the absorption of peptides, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, and phytonutrients, which means that it’s ideal for lifters who want their bodies to squeeze every last drop of supplement goodness out of their pre-workout.

BAMF and Cannibal Permaswole – Why does bundling these products just makes sense?

DAS Labs delivers a super high stim dose to get you going – you may not want that super high stim every single day. It is always nice to change it up so your body does not become super used to it. So taking a pump product with and/or every other day will mix up your schedule enough that these products will remain super effective as long as you cycle through these.


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Additional information

Weight 34 oz

BAMF High Stimulant Nootropic Pre-Workout

Weight 16 oz

Blue Raz-berry Beret, Gym N Juice (Grapefruit-Citrus), Kiwi Do You Love Me? (Strawberry Kiwi), Make It Rain (Blood Raz, Blue Raz, Plum & hint of Apple), Pump N Grind, Jungle Juice, POG (PassionFruit Orange Guava, Watermelon Zero Sugar, Summer Summer Summertime (Pineapple-Mango-Vanilla), Strawberry Watermelon, The Fire and The Flames (Dragon Fruit)

Cannibal Permaswole Preworkout (Non-Stim)

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 2 × 3.5 × 4 in

Green Apple Hulk, Citric Bloodbath

1 review for BAMF and Cannibal Permaswole

  1. 5 out of 5

    Hudson Clark

    Insane! These two together make you unstoppable. The intense focus and ridiculous pumps leaving you feeling like Superman. All you want to do is lift all day.

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