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Bigger By The Day by 5% Nutrition – For years, 5% Nutrition has defined what it means to be a ‘hardcore’ company in the supplement world.

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Bigger By The Day by 5% Nutrition

As far as natural muscle builders go, there are currently a number of products that brag about how hardcore they are. Therefore, advertisements and hype have been everywhere. However, 5% Nutrition decided it was time they step in and show the little guys how it’s done.

For years, 5% Nutrition has defined what it means to be a ‘hardcore’ company in the supplement world. Furthermore, 5% Nutrition’s ultra popular product, Bigger By The Day, is one of the world’s strongest legal muscle builders.

In other words, this product is the result of combining the strongest legal, all-natural muscle-building ingredients.

5% Nutrition Bigger By The Day
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Bigger By The Day Ingredients Panel

Laxogenin – 300 mg – helps by increasing protein synthesis and increasing strength. This ingredient is classified as a plant steroid. Therefore, making Laxogenin a potent all-natural ingredient.

Epicatechin – 200 mg – besides enhancing muscle growth, this substance boosts nitric oxide production to increase pumping and nutrient delivery as well. This ingredient is found in Green Tea and Dark Chocolate.

Leucine – 200 mg – There is no doubt that leucine is the strongest amino acid of all the BCAAs.  In order to attain gains, you should place leucine as a top priority on your supplement list.

Bioperine® – 10 mg – was created to help with absorption.

Above all,  All-natural, Bigger By The Day delivers!

Bigger By The Day by 5% Nutrition
Source: 5% Nutrition

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Weight 5 oz

5 reviews for Bigger By The Day

  1. 5 out of 5

    Kelly Heath

    I was so glad when these guys got this. I came here a while back to buy just a Pre-Workout. They have become the source of everything Supplements on the Internet. I buy a ton of stuff from them the owner Will is very knowledgable and doesn’t push stuff on me ever. He even throws in free products all the time for me to sample and try out.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Mark D.

    Was unsure about this product at first but decided to give it a go. I’ve put on a solid 7lbs in about 40 days adding this to my creatine and protein regimen. The science behind this works ! Recovery time is much faster , being less sore in the mornings is a plus too.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Jimmy Roma

    I’ve been a fan of this since day 1 . I like to cycle this and rotate with Legendary by Chaos and Pain. Both are good quality and with the $$$ , personally I like to rotate them to keep my body guessing.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Jason D.

    TIME TO GET HUGE! I was really skeptical at first but this really delivers results. I’ve had crazy gains after only a week and a half. My muscles feel so much harder and I can definitely see more definition. I’ve never had these results from any other supplements and I have not found it to have any side effects.

  5. 5 out of 5


    Surprisingly I am pleased with my results so far , not a hype product , I definitely recommend if you can fit in your budget and want that extra push.

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