SUPERHUMAN® Test boosts free t levels naturally, boosts libido and drive, and increases energy and mental clarity with 100% natural, patented ingredients.

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SUPERHUMAN® TEST – Natural Male Hormone Optimization

SUPERHUMAN® Test boosts free t levels naturally, boosts libido and drive, and increases energy and mental clarity with 100% natural, patented ingredients. Increasing performance both in and out of the gym.†


  • Boost energy – SUPERHUMAN® Test can boost your energy levels naturally, so you can work hard all day and still have energy left over for the “nighttime workout.”†
  • Boost Drive & Stamina -. Revive your past glory days of desire. Just make sure your dumbbells and bed frame can handle it.†
  • Improve Performance (inside the gym and bedroom) -. Do you remember the nickname “Marathon Man”? Alpha Lion promises this will help you last longer where it matters.†

Enhances lean muscle mass and strength – When testosterone levels rise, your body goes into overdrive for adding muscle mass and gaining weight.†

MFSC In Stock SUPERHUMAN MUSCLE - Natural Muscle Builder
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Ingredients List

  • PrimaVie® Purified Shilajit – Tests have shown a 23% increase in testosterone for subjects using mitochondrial energy boosters.†[1]

  • SHODEN® Ashwagandha – Intensively-tested and purified extract from the Ashwagandha plant proven to increase DHEA and testosterone levels as well as improve sleep and recover by as much as 42%. * Clinically-tested and pure extract of the Ashwagandha plant.†[2]
  • TESTOSURGE® – Fenugreek extract is the latest and most powerfully engineered substance that increases free testosterone levels by reducing Sex-Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG).†[3]
  • Tongkat Ali –  An aphrodisiac and pro-fertility agent that also supports favorable hormone balance by fighting cortisol and keeping testosterone/cortisol levels within normal limits.†[4]
  • Diindoylymethane (DIM) – Inhibits the aromatase enzyme, preventing testosterone conversion to estrogen and reducing estrogen’s overall effects.†[5]
  • Boron – Nutritional mineral that reduces estrogen levels and inhibits sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG), which increases free testosterone.†[6]
  • Vitamin D3 – In healthy subjects, it has been demonstrated to increase test levels by 25% when taken at the right dosages for a full year.
  • Zinc Bisglycinate Chelate – It can help stabilize testosterone production by making zinc 43% more bioavailable. Zinc deficiency equals low testosterone levels.

Product Highlights

  • 100% Natural†
  • Hormone Free†
  • Gluten Free†
  • Vegan†

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Additional information

Weight 10 oz

3 reviews for SUPERHUMAN® TEST

  1. 5 out of 5

    Keith Richardson

    This is the shit I’ve been looking for, bangin’ libido, tons of energy and my mood is level 10. I feel like a rock star in the gym.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Supp User – Michigan

    This is my second bottle I’ve bought from MF … man I’m loving the results … a lot more energy at work and even more in the bedroom , my wife’s a fan!

  3. 5 out of 5


    Definitely felt more energy throughout the day. My workouts have increased intensity, I felt great after my workout.

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