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Herolean Fat Burner by Dark Labs

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Herolean Fat Burner by Dark Labs

Herolean Fat Burner by Dark Labs - The hybrid which everyone has been raving about is now back in stock at Muscle Factory SC. +

Herolean Fat Burner is the ultimate fat burning Pre-Workout supplement by the always elusive Dark Labs. +

Dark Labs is a Poland based company - also the famed company behind the ultra–Pre-Workout Crack. +

When experimenting with this product one should understand it contains and significant amount Alpha Yohimbine. If you have tolerance for those you should be fine, if you are slightly sensitive start off with half a scoop or less. +

mfsc herolean by dark labs

Herolean by Dark Labs Ingredients Label

  • L-Carnitine L-Tartrate this is a compound in which is said to help reduce exercise-induced muscle tissue damage. +[1,2]
  • Olive Leaf Extract just like the name suggests this extract is derived from the leaves of an olive plant. Olive leaf extract contains oleuropein which helps with inflammation and is also said to be an antioxidant. The properties of this extract help reduce fat storage, studies show the inflammation can lead to a large amount of fat storage. +[3]
  • Caffeine Anhydrous is the most popular form of caffeine period. Also known as Liquid Black Gold. Shouldn’t need much more of an explanation. +
  • Raspberry Ketones are again found is raspberries and the ketones are said to help with the breakdown of fat cells while increasing adiponectin**. This is one of the hormones which has been linked to weight loss. +[4,5,6]
  • Eria Jarensis Extract is one of the hardest hitting stimulants in the supplements industry. +
  • Synephrine HCL is one of the most researched ingredients in the industry which has shown to be an aid in weight loss. +[7,8,9,10]
  • Gamma-Butyrobetaine Ethyl Ester Chloride this molecule converts to carnitine in the body. And again helps aid in weight loss and adds a Thermogenic type of effect. +[13]
  • Black Pepper Extract is another very common ingredient in supplements because it aids the body in absorption. +[14,15]
  • Alpha Yohimbine is the part of Yohimbine which adds the stimulant effects +[19]

**Adiponectin does not really have a lot of support – there are no human studies which point to this being a trait. +

Herolean by Dark Labs Review by Fitness Deal News



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