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STIM REAPER by Killer Labz

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STIM REAPER by Killer Labz

A newly launched formula with the new awesome rebrand of Killer Labz. Stim reaper is exactly what is sounds like it brings the absolute heat for anyone looking for that stim junkie pre-workout or just all around stim junky like energy in the gym. +

The one noticeable thing that Stim Reaper is without is Pump ingredients in here. With no Citrulline or other forms such as popular ingredients like Nitrosigine® and S7®. That being said the purpose of this isn’t to deliver pumps, it is to deliver all the energy and if that’s what you are looking for lets dive into the ingredients panel and see how this highlights for you. +

in page stim reaper

Ingredients Panel for STIM REAPER by Killer Labz

Killer Performance Matrix

  • Beta-Alanine – We at Muscle Factory™ obviously have a love hate relationship with Beta-Alanine we absolutely love what it does and swear by it.  The fact that it's been shown to improve one's performance and endurance and it does this by preventing the lactic acid building up in the muscle tissue. If you aren’t a fan of Beta-Alanine like some people aren’t - you should probably stick to drinking Aquafina water. +[1,2]
  • Taurine – Said to help with overall athletic performance while providing a series for benefits for your brain, eyes, heart and overall muscular body build up. +[3]

Killer Energy Matrix

  • Caffeine Anhydrous – if you need to know what this is you have simply come to the wrong website my friend. This is liquid gold in the dietary supplements world. +
  • Juglas Regia – An effective and exotic stim which has become overly popular over the last few years with more and more companies adding it to their products. +[4]
  • Infinergy (DiCaffeine Malate) - You can experience increased energy from caffeine without the crash with this patented ingredient. +[5]
  • Halostachine HCL - An Asian shrub called Halostachys caspica possesses the naturally-occurring alkaloid Halostachine (aka N-methylphenylethylamine). It is related to synephrine, and phenylethylamine. +[6] It is structurally similar to other phenethylamines (PEAs) and catecholamine neurotransmitters such as dopamine, norepinephrine. For those looking to burn more fat and lose weight, halostachine can act as a beta adrenergic agonist. + Halostachine, a metabolite of PEA, may provide similar "feel-good" effects and fast-acting energy as its more well-known relative. +
  • Synephrine HCL - As an alternative fat-burning agent to ephedrine, synephrine is less effective than ephedrine for a number of reasons, including its less potent mechanism of action. It may also exert some minor physiological effects on digestion and circulation. Synephrine may be less potent but this is no joke. Synephrine is one of the most potent agents on the market today. +[7]
  • Cocoabutrol® - Dietary weight loss supplement Cocoabuterol® boosts your energy and mood while activating thermogenic fat burning within your body. Using the latest technologies, Cocoabuterol® concentrates the most bioactive compounds of natural cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) extract. It contains natural polyphenols and alkaloids that are the major active ingredients. There are incredible health benefits associated with all of these naturally occurring phytochemicals. +[8]

Nootropi-Stim Matrix

  • Rauwolfia Vomitoria Extract - The structure of rauwolfia vomitoria (also known as Alpha Yohimbine) is closely related to that of yohimbine, which makes it a popular pre-workout ingredient: It boosts fat burning, perhaps more effectively than yohimbine, and it boosts performance as well as giving you those vein-blowining pumps during exercise. +[9]
  • Huperzia Serrata Extract - It has been shown that huperzine significantly enhances the amplitude of nerve stimulation-induced muscle contractions. In this sense, it can be suggested that huperzine increases brain neurotransmitter levels and endplate potential to improve neuromuscular strength, alertness, and focus. +[10]





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