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Ashwagandha –  by Chaos and Pain

    Ashwagandha is a medicinal based herb of ancient mythical properties that has been used for generations to treat a myriad of health-related problems.  Now, fast forward to the modern era, insert technology and we can begin to unravel the secrets of this nutrient.  Ashwagandha is classified as an adaptogen, this gives Ashwagandha its single best property, the reduction, and management of stress in the body.  It has an innate ability to block the pathways of stress in the brain causing a reduction to these symptoms for individuals with anxiety and stress disorders.   

    Ashwagandha by Chaos and Pain Highlights

    • Supports a Reduction to Stress and Anxiety 
    • Supports a Healthy Blood Sugar 
    • Supports Lowering of Cortisol 
    • Supports Boosting Overall Mood


    In many studies, Ashwagandha showed an ability to lower blood sugar levels and possibly support an increase in insulin secretion and improvements to insulin sensitivity in muscle cells.  Along with that, it is known to reduce the levels of cortisol in the body.  Cortisol is a stress hormone that is released into the body by the adrenal gland.  High levels of cortisol can lead to elevated blood sugar and increased fat storage around the abdomen and midsection. 

    Individuals who stay in a stressed-out state or stay chronically stressed tend to have higher rates of depression and obesity, Ashwagandha prevents this through a homeopathic means that can be replicated from healthy individuals to the sick.   

    Along with the above Ashwagandha has been shown to support an increase in testosterone and fertility in men.  For much of this herb’s existence, it was used for such means.  There is also the assumption that with an increase in testosterone an individual would see a positive increase in strength along with overall body composition. 

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