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Black Magic  |  SKU: 860002678351


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BZRK High Potency Pre-Workout - You will VOODOO your sister's underdosed unicorn or clown pre-workout!

Introducing Black Magic Supply's ultra-premium pre-workout product now available at Muscle Factory. Your premium sports supplements store located in Fort Mill, South Carolina. And serving neighboring communities of Lake Wylie, Rock Hill, and others. As well as serving the world through our ever-popular website. +

Tunnel vision and off-the-wall energy! +

You will feel psychoactive waves as soon as you step into the gym after taking BZRK™ supreme pre-workout. +

Each handcrafted scoop of BZRK™ includes potent ingredients that will give you the energy to power through any workout. +

Pumps, purity, and insanity were tested. +

Try BZRK™ today, available in four magical flavors crystal blue, lemonRaz icy, mango sunrise, and peach rings. +




  • Cosmic Burst
  • Crystal Blue
  • Haterade
  • Lemon Raz Icy
  • Mango Sunrise
  • Orange Cooler
  • Peach Rings


Black Magic Supplements are awesome. The only downside to some is that they use a semi-prop or a full proprietary blend. Which is hard for super serious athletes to consume if they don’t know the exact doses of what they are taking. The SuperNatural matrix makes sense because its mostly label dressing. Though their possessed matrix highlights a full proprietary blend. +

Supernatural Matrix

Citrulline Malate (2:1) - The amino acid citrulline, found in watermelon, enhances athletic anaerobic performance and eases muscle soreness.

In contrast to other amino acids, L-citrulline does not help the body make protein, but it may help increase other chemicals the body needs to make protein instead. It might also help improve blood flow and reduce blood pressure.

Among the uses of L-citrulline are the improvement of athletic performance, the treatment of sickle cell disease, the treatment of erectile dysfunction, the treatment of high blood pressure in the lungs, and the treatment of heart disease. +[1,2,3,4,5]

BetaO™ (Beta-Alanine, Orotic Acid) - There is little research on the combination of Beta-Alanine and Orotic Acid for athletic performance, though there is some evidence for cardiac protection. +

Glycerpump™ - An ingredient in GlycerPump is glycerol powder, an aid in hydration that encourages the body to absorb more water than it normally would. In addition, glycerol powder can provide mild endurance enhancement and help stave off dehydration.

BRZK didn't stop there...

Pre workout supplements often include it because it helps your muscles swell up, giving you a "swole" appearance. For example, a high-quality supplement usually has between 2 and 3 grams per serving. Therefore, is a suitable dosage for GlycerPump. Although, the one downfall of GlycerPump™ which shouldn’t come as a much of a surprise it may cause clumping if left for a long period of time. +[6,7]

Betaine Anhydrous - An amino acid glycine with three methyl groups attached is referred to as trimethylglycine (TMG).+[8,9,10]

Therefore, one of betaine's major mechanisms is its role as a methyl donor. The methyl group donated by betaine either directly reduces homocysteine into L-methionine or it increases body levels of S-adenosyl methionine (SAMe) or active folate molecules, both of which can also donate methyl groups to other tissues. +

There is evidence that betaine reduces homocysteine levels in both healthy and diseased individuals. +

Possessed Matrix

Tyrosine - The body produces tyrosine from another amino acid called phenylalanine. Several important neurotransmitters, such as epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine, require tyrosine to be produced. +[11]

Caffeine Anhydrous – If you have come to this website looking for this, you didn’t mean to come to Muscle Factory. +

N-Isopropylnorsynephrine - In some supplement products, you may find isopropylnorsynephrine, a type of stimulant. +[12]

Kola Nut Extract - An aid to digestion: Kola nuts powder and extract have been shown to increase the production of gastric acid. For instance, increases the effectiveness of digestive enzymes in the stomach. Increased circulation. +[13,14]

N-Methyl Tyramine - A chemical called N-methyltyramine is found in bitter oranges and other plants, and in small amounts in human bodies. It is also made in the lab.  +[15]

Higenamine HCL - The substance hegigenamine acts like a stimulant and relaxes some tissues in the body and contracts others, such as the heart. Although, it appears to increase heartbeats and speed up the heart rate in some parts of the body. +[16,17]

Neurofactor - It is clinically proven that NeuroFactor®, derived from whole coffee fruit, significantly increases levels of BDNF, a key neuroprotein crucial for learning, memory, and higher thought. The same trusted ingredient you know as NeuroFactor® is now CognatiQ®. As a result of an exclusive customer agreement, we are retiring the NeuroFactor® name to use in future product development. +[18]

Huperzine - It is a cognitive enhancer that inhibits the degradation of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Furthermore, causes an increase in acetylcholine relative to other neurotransmitters. Moreover, this cholinergic molecule may help fight cognitive decline in the elderly.  +[19]

BZRK Pre-Workout Reviews




Review by The Garage Gym Homie




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