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CHEMICAL TE – TURKESTERONE EPICATECHIN the latest products from the Chaos and Pain® – Chemical Series™ Collection.

CHEMICAL TE - TURKESTERONE EPICATECHIN is an all around powerhouse of a product. It is meant to increase muscle output, strength, and change your overall body composition.

Our research on muscles and bodybuilding has yielded another breakthrough. It is possible to create a natural product that has anabolic properties beyond what is currently available! CHEMICAL TE™ - TURKESTERONE EPICATECHIN is an example of this.

A plant-based blend featuring Turkesterone. Formulated for improving body composition, increasing muscular endurance, improving recovery time, and enhancing muscle growth naturally. The supplement also contains epicatechin, a compound that naturally increases muscle strength, increases nitric oxide production, increases vascularity, and enhances muscle growth. This natural anabolic supplement is the strongest on the market hands down.

This muscle-building compound increases male libido, speeds up recovery times, and enhances muscle quality [1].

Turkesterone by Chaos and Pain

Health Benefits of Turkesterone

Many health benefits are associated with turkesterone, including:

  • Enhancing lean muscle tissue.
  • Enhancing body composition and the muscle-to-fat ratio.
  • Activates the central nervous system.
  • Improves muscular endurance.
  • Reduces recovery time.
  • Shows potential benefits for anxiety.
  • Improves sleep, cholesterol, and glucose levels.
  • Similar benefits to steroids without the cycle or PCT.

Turkesterone is primarily used by athletes to improve aesthetics and build muscles, but it also provides performance and health benefits [2].


In Ajuga Turkestanica, the primary bio-active compound is turkesterone. Historically, this herb has been used for testosterone and muscle support. It belongs to the adaptogen herbal family. To ensure you are getting a potent and pure Turkesterone, it is important to check the yield of Turkesterone on the market today [3].

The 5 Main Benefits of Turkesterone

  • Side Effects: The same results as steroids without the androgenic side effects. Turkesterone is used mainly because it produces similar growth results as typical (and banned) steroids without the typical androgenic effects. By doing so, it may become safer and more accessible to a wider audience [4].
  • Cycle therapy is not necessary: Unlike traditional steroids, turkesterone does not require you to undergo post-cycle therapy recovery.
  • Turkesterone promotes muscle growth: Please share your case studies with us if you have them so we can collect more data.
  • Enhanced insulin sensitivity: Multiple positive health outcomes are related to improving insulin sensitivity, including better fasting glucose levels and the next item - which a great deal of people care about.
  • Composition of the body improved: Many people report improved physiques and a decrease in body fat after taking Turkesterone, due to the increases in muscle growth and insulin sensitivity.†[5]


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