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Demolish pre-workout by Frenzy Labz did this one right. Demolish is a Pre-Workout but also has thermogenic characteristics. And can be classified a high-stim pre-workout fat burner. This specific formula brings awesome energy, focus and pumps. +

This product packs a powerful punch with its key ingredient being the one your always looking for plus 350 mg Caffeine, 100 mg Theobromine, 6 g L-Citrulline, and 1.5 g Glycerol. Experience an enhanced mood and superior pump, all while powering through your workout. +

Demolish Pre-Workout by frenzy labz Highlights

  • REAL Pumps: Experience genuine pumps with our product. +
  • All-Around Stim Junkie Pre Workout: Our pre-workout is perfect for all stim junkies, providing a comprehensive workout experience. +
  • Strong Beta Alanine Buzz: Get a powerful buzz from our pre-workout thanks to the high beta alanine content. +
  • Mood Elevation & Euphoria: Enjoy an uplifted mood and feelings of euphoria with our product. +
  • Clean, Consistent Energy: Experience clean and consistent energy throughout your workout with our pre-workout formula. +
  • 5 Great Flavors: Choose from our range of five great flavors to suit your preferences. +

pre-workout frenzy labz demolish


  • Produces no adverse effects. +
  • Alpha Yohimbine effects are gentle and seamless. +
  • Improves mood and increases energy levels. +
  • Label is clear and straightforward. +


  • Contains ingredients sourced from grey market. +
  • MethylSynephrine, a banned substance by WADA, may cause you to fail drug tests during competitions. +

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