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Egg White Crystals

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Egg White Crystals by 5% Nutrition

In comparison to other protein powders, 5% Nutrition got it right here because this product is so much more effective. Upon trying our Egg White Crystals, you'll soon realize there are fewer calories, no sugar, and no fat. It contains only 90 calories and 20 grams of pure egg white protein per serving.

Take a look at a typical protein powder container. Check out the label. Most protein powders on the market, you are getting at least 100 calories per serving. Is the fat content and total carbohydrates listed?

Maybe you're wondering how many of these popular powders also contain artificial ingredients. Maybe even some of them spike amino acids. Here are a few reasons why Rich did not want to use a typical protein powder. [1]

What is the best place to get protein if you're supplementing?

Make sure you go and grab this product, which are sourced from REAL FOODS just as Rich Piana preached about. How do egg white crystals work? The process of dehydrating eggs gently and slowly until the whites are left only. That's all there is to it. This product contains nothing else.

This product can also be used just like a regular egg. Adding them to any meal to boost quality protein is easy since they are unflavored. Just add water to cook with them! In a hurry? Not a problem. You can mix egg white crystals into your protein shake or smoothie with a funnel. Almost anything can be mixed with them since they're unflavored. [2]

You don't need to refrigerate it either. Taking it on the go is easy. With that in mind, this product is a perfect choice for your busy and on-the-go lifestyle.

Source: 5% Nutrition

What are the differences between 5% Egg White Crystals and whey protein powder?

In terms of biological value, egg whites and egg white crystals have a higher protein content than most other proteins, similar to whey.

That is, humans can absorb 100 percent of the protein found in egg whites and egg white crystals. Egg white crystals rank the highest in terms of net protein utilization (NPU) and overall protein efficiency ratio (or "PER"), even better than whey. [3,4,5]


Egg White Crystals – 20g protein per serving

Sugar, fat, and carbohydrates are all absent from one serving. You are also only consuming 90 calories per serving or five mini-scoops! We use egg whites to make our 5% Egg White Crystals. In the manufacturing process, the egg whites were gently evaporated of all the water.

Since they are prepared this way, they taste better than other types of egg proteins, such as dried egg white powder. Do regular flavored egg proteins work as well? That's more calories and more sugar. You can see Rich was on to something. It's better to eat real food. [6, 7, 8, 9]

Whether you're making an omelet, adding them to a recipe, or mixing them into a shake, you want the best quality egg whites. You get exactly that here!

With 5% Nutrition's Innovative Product, you'll get all the benefits of real food protein. Get started today.



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