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Chaos and Pain  |  SKU: GAIA1

GAIA Super Fruits And Greens

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“You are only as strong as your greatest weakness” – Some Awesome Dude. And that’s why Chaos and Pain just blessed the world with Gaia, the ultimate daily recovery formula. So potent, we had to release it under the Olympus Series.

How does good overall health make me big?? This question has been asked for millennia, with the answer being quite simple (No bro-science needed on this one). The body builds muscle through adaptation to physical stress. As long as the correct signals (hormones) are present, the body will rebuild itself bigger and stronger. If the body is working properly and in balance (being healthy), the rebuilding process will be faster, with higher quality.

So what are Free Radicals?? Free Radicals are one of the many byproducts of the muscle building process, and just being awesome in general. Unfortunately, free radicals bond to, and damage, healthy living cells. Over time, the accumulative effect of Free Radical damage can be detrimental to your physique, and your awesomeness. However, there is hope.

Antioxidants! Antioxidants inhibit the oxidation of molecules. When oxidation occurs, Free Radicals are produced. By using antioxidants, you can stop the cascade of events caused by Free Radicals, and put an end to the chain reaction of destruction in your cells. Luckily for you, Chaos and Pain made Gaia one of the strongest anti-oxidant blends in the universe! From the 1000mg of the Multiberry Mixture, to the 250mg of the Greens Superfood Chlorella, Gaia is packed to the brim with antioxidants. By the way, oxygen is the largest free radical of them all. That’s right, what we all need for life is slowly killing us. And when you have more muscle mass, you need more oxygen! So the more muscle mass you have, the more anti-oxidants you need for optimal health and recovery times!

What lives where?!?!Did you know that you have bacteria that live inside of your colon and digestive track? Well, sometimes the increased caloric requirements from being huge cause the healthy bacteria to get overworked. And when these healthy bacteria don’t get the right amount of support, the consequences can be downright dumpy. Heck, sometimes lack of bacterial support will put a clog into even the best laid out plans…. That can unfortunately last for days!! No worries, FOS comes to the rescue! FOS is a prebiotic. Prebiotics act like fertilizer for the healthy bacteria that live in your colon and digestive system. The 2000mg of FOS helps support the healthy bacteria in your gut, and keep the waste outflow moving smoothly!!

Acidic vs Basic? It’s a balance thing. Our bodies operate best when everything is in balance. That goes the same for our PH levels. Growing muscle requires you to eat protein. And when you eat mountains of muscle building proteins, the acid levels in your body can rise. And when you are in an acidic state, you have more inflammation and the recovery/ healing process is slowed down significantly! Helping the body balance better is the reasoning behind including broccoli and calcium (why do you think they put calcium in Tums?) in Gain. These are two of the many ingredients that fight an acidic environment, and help make the body more basic, and more balanced.

Need help breaking down your meals? Papain and bromelain help with digestion. These two ingredients were added to Gaia to ensure that all the supper food ingredients, vitamins, minerals, and other foods you eat will be broken down and better absorbed in your gut. But that’s not all…. Bromelain can also help with inflammation!

How long can you use Gaia? Daily, for as long as you like! It is your everyday, healthy recovery formula.

Can Gaia be stacked with anything else? Yes! Gaia can be stacked with anything. Better recovery and a healthier you will make all Chaos and Pain products work better.

Can Gaia be used for weight loss? Yes! When your body is healthy and balanced, it is more likely to burn excess fat for energy, especially with a modified diet and supplementing with a thermogenic like Jupiter from our Olympus Series.

Does Gaia taste good? Does Ice Cream melt in the summer? If you need help figuring it out, the answer is YES! Just mix a scoop in 12-16oz of water, and get ready to experience Peach Mango bliss!

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