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Juggernaut Nutrition Irate

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Juggernaut Nutrition Irate – For pumps you’re getting 5g of Citrulline-Malate which is a bit below clinical dose but Irate has so much more stuff.

Juggernaut Nutrition Irate

Juggernaut Nutrition Irate - PUMPS

For pumps you’re getting 5g of Citrulline-Malate which is a bit below clinical dose, and I think is not enough, but pumps are not that critical here.

Juggernaut Nutrition Irate - POWER & ENDURANCE

Beta Alanine at 2.5mg (same as wild) and Creatine HCL at 1.5mg. Yes, it is below clinical dose, but it is in here mainly for muscle power.


If you’re going for irAte, you’re probably going for the stimulant package. This one follows the WiLD type pre workouts in the sense of not being caffeine heavy. You have Caffeine Citrate and Caffeine Anhydrous at 150mg each. That brings real Caffeine all together to 225mg, which is below the norm for sure, but doesn’t necessarily mean much. 

Then, you have Yohimbine HCL at 2.5mg which is an interesting addition (it is NOT Alpha Yo, don’t worry), that is going to help with body temperature, thermogenesis, and work with the caffeine. All in all, no crazy pumps here.

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**As of November 2020 - Muscle Factory SC will not carry this product online or in store.

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