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Magic Eraser Potent Thermogenic - With Magic Eraser™ from Black Magic Supply, you'll be able to increase energy while supporting a good mood, as well as lose weight. +

About the Product

Magic Eraser™ has a dual benefit it is a potent sweat inducing thermogenic as well as a feel-good energy and focus product. +

Product Highlights

  • Instant Energy  +
  • Potent Thermogenic  +
  • Euphoric Formula  +
  • Patented well studied ingredients  +

Key Ingredients in Magic Eraser Fat Burner

LeanGBB® or gamma-butyrolbetaine ethyl ester HCl - The body converts LeanGBB® into L-carnitine when it is exposed to gamma-butyrolbetaine ethyl ester HCl. L-carnitine is an amino acid that aids in fat metabolism for energy. The main selling point of this ingredient is that YOU WILL SWEAT! Several studies have found LeanGBB® to be a potent vasodilator, which may increase oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. +[1,2,3]

There is always an equilibrium between the levels of lean GBB, also known as Gamma-Butyrobetaine, and L-carnitine, which is a precursor for the synthesis of L-carnitine in the body. +

GBB stimulates the body's production of L-Carnitine, which boosts your metabolism, burns fat, enhances recovery and prevents muscle fatigue.  +

Kanna, or Sceletium tortusosum - It contains alkaloids that have been known to provide stress relief and a calming effect. Kanna, or Sceletium tortusosum, has been used for hundreds of years to support mood and focus.  +[4,5,6,7]

Paradoxine® - This product is made from grains of paradise, a spice that contains potent thermogenic molecules, such as 6-paradol. Paradoxine® contains 12.5% 6-paradol, which is the clinical dose used to reduce abdominal fat.  +[8,9]

Suggested Use: Take 3 capsules before breakfast. Due to potency, start with 1-2 capsules before progressing into a full serving. Do not exceed 3 capsules in a 24-hour period.


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