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PANDAMIC PRE-WORKOUT PHOENIX (Limited Edition)– Panda Supplements has come out with another absolute banger limited edition flavor. This company has some incredible marketing presence and their labels designs as well as ingredient panels are some of the absolute bests in the industry. Panda has delivered some awesome pre-workouts over the year’s most recently Rampage Pre-Workout. +

Product Highlights

  • Tremendous Focus: this is powered by the addition of 400MG Alpha GPC. +
  • Great PUMP: fueled by the 10G of L-Citrulline Malate. +
  • Incredible Blood Flow: 254MG of the ultra-premium VasoDrive-AP® +
  • Steady Energy: 350MG of Caffeine to help you get going. +
  • Nuclear Fusion: 50MG of Astragin® +
pheonix pre-workout by panda supps

Pandamic Pre-Workout Phoenix Ingredients Panel

  • L-Citrulline Malate 2:1 - Unlike some amino acids, citrulline is not used to make protein, but it might help increase other chemicals necessary for protein synthesis. Citrulline comes from the Latin word for watermelon, Citrullus vulgaris. Additionally, it may help reduce blood pressure and improve blood flow. There are many reasons why people use L-citrulline, including athletic performance, sickle cell disease, erectile dysfunction (ED), high blood pressure in the lungs, and heart disease. +[1,2,3,4]
  • Beta-Alanine - In the diet, beta-alanine can be consumed through animal-based foods such as beef or chicken, which are nonproteinogenic amino acids (which are not incorporated into proteins during translation). It is synthesized in the liver. In order for muscle carnosine to be synthesized, beta-alanine needs to be combined with histidine. Beta-alanine is the limiting factor in muscle carnosine synthesis. +[5,6,7]
  • L-Tyrosine - Dietary L-Tyrosine is converted to catecholamines like dopamine and norepinephrine (NE) by metabolizing it. In addition to producing thyroid hormones, L-tyrosine is also used in the production of adrenal glands. Often taken as a supplement, L-Tyrosine increases catecholamine levels depleted under stressful or challenging circumstances. It is taken as a free-form amino acid supplement, often alone or as a part of weight loss or pre-workout supplements. +[8,9,10]
  • Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine - A phospholipid containing choline is called alpha-GPC (alpha-glycerophosphocholine or choline alphoscerate). An alpha-GPC ingested is metabolized into choline and glycerol-1-phosphate when ingested. In addition to supporting cellular membranes, glycerol-1-phosphate is a precursor of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter associated with memory, attention, and contraction of skeletal muscles. +[11,12,13,14]
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – Again if you have come here looking to find out what Caffeine Anhydrous is you have simply come to the wrong website. +
  • VasoDrive-AP® (Casein Hydrolysate) - By increasing the production of endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS), VasoDrive-AP (also known as AmealPeptide®) is said to improve arterial flexibility. VasoDrive-AP is a naturally occurring, safe, and highly effective blood-pressure support ingredient that is derived from milk protein through a proprietary enzymatic process. +[15]
  • L-Theanine - Theanine is an amino acid found primarily in green and black teas, as well as some mushrooms. Stress, anxiety, and insomnia are said to be eased by it. +[16,17,18]
  • Dendrobium Extract - A family of plants (well over 200 commonly used) that has been used medicinally for thousands of years in East Asia. It appears many of the species have anti-inflammatory properties and digestive benefits. +[19,20]
  • AstraGin® - The patented, natural compound AstraGin® promotes a healthy gut environment by increasing absorption of vital nutrients. Strong protection across markets for amino acids, omega-3s, creatine, and CBD. AstraGin® supports increased absorption of a wide range of nutrients. +[21]
  • Synephrine HCl – An ultra-potent fat burner often found in a fair amount of fat burners as well as pre-workout supplements. +[22]
  • N-Methyltyramine HCl - Bitter oranges and other plants contain N-methyltyramine, which is also found in the human body in small amounts. N-methyltyramine is also found in some dietary supplements. +[23]
  • Isopropylnorsynephrine - According to research, this ingredient bears a ton of resemblence to its cousin synephrine, isopropylnorsynephrine increases lipolysis, or fat loss, which is what it does. In the aforementioned study, isoproylnorsynephrine was found to be "clearly lipolytic" while synephrine is far more commonly seen and discussed. However, it has been shown that it can only marginally reduce weight. +[24]

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