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Relaxitrol by Metabolic Nutrition

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Relaxitrol by Metabolic Nutrition is available both in-store and online at Muscle Factory SC. This product will help you get your sleep back.

Relaxitrol by Metabolic Nutrition

Metabolic Nutrition Relaxitrol

Nowadays, more and more people suffer from high-stress levels, anxiety, and sleeplessness. You don't have to spend nights tossing and turning; Metabolic Nutrition's Relaxitrol is here to help! With its powerful all-natural ingredients, this formula will induce feelings of relaxation, reduce anxiousness, and help you regain a good night's sleep. Rather than experiencing chronic fatigue and spending money on energy drinks, you can rest comfortably at night with Relaxitrol and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. Order Relaxitrol by Metabolic Nutrition now and stop counting sheep!

About Relaxitrol

Metabolic Nutrition delivers Relaxitrol, its first-ever relaxation supplement that promises to be one of the most effective sleep and recovery aid on the market. The formula of Relaxitrol utilizes all-natural ingredients proven to help you get a good night's sleep and feel calm and relaxed. Sleep is an essential component of success, regardless of whether you're a professional athlete or a hard-working professional. Relaxitrol eliminates stress and restores your body's natural sleep habits, allowing you to get better quality sleep. You will fall asleep faster with Relaxitrol but also wake up feeling refreshed. In addition, Relaxitrol boosts thyroid function and GH (growth hormone) levels, resulting in improved recovery for athletes. Additionally, professionals can benefit from this function, as elevated GH directly correlates with immune function, meaning your body's ability to fight infection will be greatly improved. Also, Relaxitrol is completely non-habit forming, so you won't have to worry about becoming dependent on it. Relaxitrol by Metabolic Nutrition is the perfect sleep aid for those who struggle to relax, fall asleep, or stay asleep.


  • Relieves stress and anxiety 
  • Maintains healthy sleep patterns
  • Promotes deep sleep
  • Improves REM sleep
  • Does not form habits

Directions and Dosage

Metabolic Nutrition recommends taking 1 capsule during periods of high stress.

For sleep, Metabolic Nutrition recommends that beginners assess tolerance by taking 1 capsule thirty minutes prior to bedtime. Once tolerance has been assessed, take up to 3 capsules on an empty stomach. Do not exceed recommended dosage; exceeding dosage will not improve results. Do not take this product for more than FIVE consecutive days without taking at least two days off. For best results, allow for at least 6-8 hours of sleep after consuming this product.





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