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SUPERHUMAN BURN - 2 in 1 Fat Burning Pre Workout

SUPERHUMAN BURN - This is a complete solution if you are looking for a kick to get into the gym as well as having a fat burner element to help shed those unwanted pounds. Superhuman® BURN is a 2-in-1 Fat Burner Pre Workout. Therefore, this isn’t like a lot of other brands that just whip things together.

This is well researched and thought out. The ingredients are premium, and the formula has powerhouse elements because of the premium ingredients.

SUPERHUMAN BURN Ingredients Panel

  • Firstly, maximize your training intensity†
  • Secondly, melt fat and convert it to energy†
  • Thirdly, increase results†
  • After that, burn stubborn fat†
  • Get long-lasting energy†
  • Burn more calories with our workout†

For instance, this two-in-one formula is equal parts powerful fat burner and powerful pre-workout.

Furthermore, Alpha Lion says this label is fully transparent. In their formulas, only cowards conceal underdosed ingredients and ineffective products behind magical "blends" that are just marketing excuses.

Brands take pride in their Full Label Disclosure, so you can see EVERY ingredient inside.

  • There are no proprietary blends
  • There are no fillers
  • No B.S.
  • There are no excuses!

SUPERHUMAN® BURN Ingredient Highlights

Powerful Pre-Workout

  • 550MG ENERGY MATRIX - Energize the day without the nasty crash with clean, dual-sourced energy.
  • 8600MG PUMP & PERFORMANCE MATRIX - This pump maximizes the juiciest veins in your body so you can say hello to veins you didn't know existed!
  • 3000MG FOCUS MATRIX - Put an end to endless scrolling while you exercise. Stay focused.
  • 30MG ABSORPTION MATRIX - Combines two patented ingredients to deliver maximum benefits.

Powerful Fat-Burner

  • CONVERT & MELT STUBBORN FAT - Get rid of the bad and get in the good. Burn fat and turn it into healthy fat!
  • ACCELERATE FAT-BURNING RESULTS - Results in a matter of weeks, not months!
  • SKYROCKET DAILY CALORIE BURNING - Get to a level of calorie-burning you never thought possible!
  • REDUCE STUBBORN BODY SOFT SPOTS† - Take on those stubborn areas that seem invincible in your best ninja outfit*.

With 4 patent-pending fat-burning ingredients

500MG MITOBURN™ (β-aminoisobutyric acid)[1]

  • "Ugly fat" is converted into a "Hybrid" fat
  • Increases insulin sensitivity
  • Promotes fat oxidation

100MG COCOABUTEROL® (Theobroma cacao L. extract)[2,3]

  • Increases thermogenesis
  • Improves mood and energy
  • Enhances insulin sensitivity

100MG ADVANTRA Z® (Citrus Aurantium Fruit Extract) [4,5]

  • Boosts thermogenesis
  • Builds lean muscle and improves performance
  • Reduces cravings

40MG CALORIBURN™ (Grains of Paradise extract) [6]

  • Boosts caloric expenditure
  • Activation of body metabolic tissue


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