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VILLAIN EXTREME PRE-WORKOUT - Black Magic Supply is renowned for its cutting-edge workout supplements, and their latest creation, Villain, is a pre-workout formula that aims to take your training to new heights. With an array of scientifically chosen ingredients, Villain is designed to provide the energy, focus, and performance enhancement required to dominate your workouts.

Available in three delicious flavors—Frosty Blue, Mad Melon, and Bombsicle—Villain is a pre-workout supplement that promises to unlock your full potential.

The Ingredients Panel

The ingredients here aren't anything new but they work very well together here is the panel for Villain Extreme Pre-Workout.

Beta Alanine:

- Beta Alanine, a vital amino acid, improves muscle endurance by reducing the buildup of lactic acid, allowing you to push through intense workouts with increased stamina and vigor. [1]

- By delaying muscle fatigue, Beta Alanine enables you to perform higher-intensity exercises for longer durations, maximizing your training sessions and overall athletic performance. [2]

Agmatine Sulfate:

- Agmatine Sulfate acts as a potent nitric oxide booster, enhancing blood flow and promoting vasodilation. This increased blood circulation aids in the delivery of vital nutrients and oxygen to your muscles, resulting in enhanced muscle pumps and improved overall performance. [3]


- L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that plays a crucial role in supporting cognitive function and mental focus. By reducing the impact of stress and fatigue, L-Tyrosine helps you stay mentally sharp and focused during your training sessions, allowing for optimal mind-muscle connection. [4]


- Nitosigine is a patented ingredient known for its ability to increase nitric oxide levels and improve cognitive performance. By enhancing mental acuity, Nitosigine enables you to maintain peak focus during intense workouts, further supporting your training goals. [5]

Alpha GPC 50%:

- Alpha GPC 50% is a compound rich in choline, a vital nutrient for brain health and cognitive function. By supporting focus, memory, and the mind-muscle connection, Alpha GPC 50% ensures that you are mentally dialed in during your workouts, enabling you to optimize your training efforts. [6]


- ElevATP combines ancient peat and apple extracts to potentially increase ATP production, the body's primary source of energy. By enhancing ATP levels, ElevATP promotes improved strength, power, and endurance during your workouts, enabling you to push your limits and achieve greater results. [7]


- Xternergy is a unique blend of natural caffeine and other energy-enhancing compounds. By providing a surge of energy, Xternergy fuels your workouts and enables you to power through even the most demanding exercises, helping you reach your performance goals. [8]

Organic Kelp:

- Organic Kelp is a nutrient-rich ingredient known for its abundance of minerals and iodine, which supports overall health and thyroid function. By contributing to metabolic regulation and energy production, Organic Kelp assists in optimizing your workout performance. [9]

Neurofactor (Whole Coffee Fruit Extract):

- Derived from whole coffee fruit extract, Neurofactor promotes cognitive performance and provides additional antioxidant benefits. By supporting brain health and focus during training, Neurofactor ensures that your mental acuity matches your physical prowess, allowing you to achieve peak performance. [10]


Black Magic Supply's Villain is an extraordinary pre-workout supplement that combines the power of Beta Alanine, Agmatine Sulfate, L-Tyrosine, Nitosigine, Alpha GPC 50%, ElevATP, Xternergy, Organic Kelp, and Neurofactor to deliver an unmatched training experience. With its carefully selected ingredients and three delectable flavors, Villain empowers athletes and fitness enthusiasts to push beyond their limits, elevate their workouts, and reach new levels of performance.


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