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SUPERHUMAN ARMOR – Advanced Immune System Support

There has never been a better time to maintain a healthy immune system...+

A strong immune system requires a strong defense...+

Alpha Lion's Immune Support Formula, SuperHuman Armor, is a perfect solution to this problem..+

Seven of nature's most powerful immune-boosting ingredients!+


  • Fortify Immune Defense - Prepare your immune soldiers for battle against any enemy foolish enough to try to bring you down.+
  • Restore Immune Balance - Make your immune system respond in a balanced, healthy way. Normal has never felt so good.+
  • Helps Promote Immune Response - With all-new hero patented ingredient EpiCor®, you'll feel powerful immune response in two hours or less.+
  • Attack Dangerous Free Radicals - Defend your healthy cells from irreparable free radical damage to prevent further immune system destruction.+
  • Strengthen Immune Activity - All 7 ingredients combine to boost immunity, making you feel SuperHuman inside.+

Increase antioxidant activity to provide some crucial assistance against your toughest enemies.+

Armor Key Ingredients

EpiCor - The formula of SuperHuman Armor features a powerful dose of EpiCor™ 500 mg. +[1]

This amazing immune system booster has been proven to benefit the immune system through extensive research and eight published human scientific studies.+

Spectra - the first fruit, vegetable, and herbal formula to be scientifically validated to protect the immune system. +[2,3]

  • More than 25 natural extracts and concentrates+
  • Prevents the production of free radicals+
  • Activates antioxidants+
  • Promotes cellular metabolism+
  • Promotes the body's production of nitric oxide (NO) by 64%†

Albion - Zinc is a well-documented immune booster and protector.+[4]

With TRAACS® Zinc Bisglycinate, you get a scientific dose of premium zinc.

  • Inflammation-fighting properties
  • Shortens the duration of cold symptoms†
  • Increases bone and joint regeneration†
  • As compared to other forms of zinc, this form of zinc has superior bioavailability + absorption

Elderberry + Echinacea Extracts - Elderberry Fruit Extract (300 mg) and Echinacea Purpurea Extract (200 mg) are a PERFECT scientifically proven. +[5,6,7]

  • Boost your immunity by up to 58%†
  • Up to four days can be saved by reducing the duration of flu symptoms!
  • Enhances cell growth†
  • Aids in the fight against viruses by increasing interferon activity
  • Boost white blood cell production

HUNDREDS of years have been spent treating diseases with these two naturally-occurring immune-boosting animals.+

You'll be able to protect your immune system against invaders with their timeless benefits.+

Astaxanthin - Despite its difficult pronunciation, its benefits are obvious...+

In a nutshell, Astaxanthin is one of the world's most powerful antioxidants.+

It's 6000x stronger than Vitamin C!† (No, that's not a mistake.)+

Giving you unprecedented levels of protection against harmful free radicals+

Vitamin C - An immunity product wouldn't be complete without good old Vitamin C.+

Due to its many powerful benefits, Vitamin C is almost synonymous with immunity on a mainstream level:

  • Inflammation and oxidation damage are reduced†
  • Promotes collagen production†
  • Provides the body with other antioxidants†
  • Reduces the risk of acute respiratory infections†
  • Maintains healthy skin and hair†

The classic immune-boosting beast is about to get 550% of its daily value, but you can rest assured that you won't be disappointed!+

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