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Turk by Freedom Formulations

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Turk by Freedom Formulations is derived from Turkesterone and Epicatechin with a hint of Bioperine to help with overall absorption.

Turk by Freedom Formulations

One of the hottest new ingredients in the entire sports supplements industry: Turkesterone. Introducing TURK by Freedom Formulations – an advanced power output and strength formula.

Turk is a natural product with anabolic properties – it is made of plant-based ingredients featuring Turkesterone and Epicatechin.

Natural Anabolic Formula

  • Promises to Increase Lease Muscle
  • Promises to Increase Protein Synthesis
  • Natural Ingredients

Freedom Formulations promises this is one of the best formulated Turkesterone based products on the market.

Source: AdToms

Turk – Natural Anabolic Formula Highlights

  • May improve body composition
  • May increase muscular endurance
  • May improve recovery time
  • May enhance muscle growth

Turk Ingredients Panel

Ajuga Turkestanica Extract 1000mg

Why Ajuga Turkestanica extract?

Turkesterone and Ecdysterone are two powerful ecdysteroids found in Ajuga Turkestanica extract. Ecdysteroids have been shown to be more potent than some anabolic steroids. Ecdysteroids are a safe alternative to synthetic and banned steroids. Natural products do not have the negative side effects of synthetic products. In addition to gaining more mass and enhancing performance, Ajuga Turkestanica has been shown to have powerful properties that can be valuable for bodybuilders and athletes alike (1,2,3,4,5,6)

What is Ajuga Turkestanica extract?

Ajuga Turkestanica extract is a 100% vegetable and natural product. The plant Ajuga Turkestanica is a unique species that is widely used in eastern traditional medicine. Ecdysteroids are found in ajuga plants. You can take your training to the next level with ecdysteroids, which are natural steroid-like substances. In your body, you probably have small amounts of ecdysteroids from eating foods like spinach. Extracts from the Ajuga Turkestanica plant contain high concentrations of ecdysteroids (7,8,9,10).

Epicatechin (90%) 100mg

Health Benefits of Epicatechin – The antioxidant epicatechin has insulin-like effects and improves heart health. The Harvard Medical School's Dr. Norman Hollenberg discovered that Kuna Indians who live on the San Blas Island Chain in Panama and consume high levels of cocoa drinks are less likely to suffer strokes, heart attacks, cancer and diabetes than their mainland counterparts. In fact, Hollenberg suggests considering epicatechin as a vitamin (11,12).

Attenuation of Diabetes – Similar to insulin, epicatechin and other flavonoids protect cells from osmotic fragility. Epicatechin's mechanism of action differs from that of insulin and is still unknown. Epicatechin increases the activity of acetylcholinesterase in red blood cells of diabetics. It is significantly lower in type 2 diabetics (13, 14).

Heart Health – Epicatechin inhibits platelet aggregation and reduces lipid peroxidation.  Epicatechins dilate blood vessels by regulating the release of nitric oxide, a molecule secreted by the endothelium of blood vessels to signal the surrounding muscle to relax (15, 16).

Parkinsons and Anti-Oxidants – Parkinson's disease is characterized by dopaminergic neurodegeneration caused by mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress, according to several lines of evidence. As a result, mitochondrial-targeted therapies that improve mitochondrial function may hold great promise for preventing and treating Parkinson's disease (17, 18, 19).

Epicatechin Highlights

  • Enhance Muscle Growth
  • Increase Nitric Oxide Production
  • Improve Vascularity
  • Improve Strength Naturally

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